MEGAUPLOAD | Tor File Hosting

Upload files on tor for free. Sell files on the dark net using bitcoin. Search for files to download on tor. All anonymously, using MEGAUPLOAD onion edition.


How do I access Tor File Host?

Access MEGAUPLOAD the best tor file host via the onion link above using the tor browser. You can search using MEGASEARCH linked on the homepage of the tor file host linked above.

How to upload files to the dark net?

The best place to upload files on the dark net is MEGAUPLOAD. Navigating to the onion link above via the tor browser will present you with a upload button; clicking on the button will allow you to select and upload any file you want.

How to sell files on Tor?

Using MEGAUPLOAD it is easy to upload files and change a fee in bitcoin. You can choose your price for you file on the initial upload. It can choose for your file to be free and a specified bitcoin amount for which your provided bitcoin address will receive 90% of on a purchase of your file.

What is MEGAUPLOAD for the darknet?

MEGAUPLOAD is anonymous file hosting platform designed for tor, access from onion link above using tor-browser. You can upload files free. Files can be have prices set which when purchased send bitcoin to the uploaded. Upload any file under 100mb; you can add an optional description and title to make finding you file easier for yourself and others. When uploading the search index can even be disable for private uploads.

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